At Home with Timeless Elegance

When Rockwell Land introduced the Proscenium to the public in late 2012, the Uruguayan architect Carlos Ott said that the company “wanted that ‘wow effect,’ but it has to be toned down with the fact that the original Rockwell on the west side is a very elegant, exclusive space.”

In short, the Proscenium is expected to exude the kind of elegance whose appeal will last despite the passage of time. As such, each of the five towers that make up the development was designed with timeless and luxurious living in mind. That said, Lorraine — the fourth tower in the cluster — offers residents a home where they can enjoy the best that life has to offer from top notch amenities to spacious units to suit even the most discerning tastes.

Lorraine embodies timeless elegance with a French touch that mixes contemporary European art, antiques and other trinkets.

Rising at a total of 45 stories high, Lorraine embodies timeless elegance with a decidedly French touch thanks to interior designer Butch Valdez. Here, Valdez has created spaces that evoke the enduring and effortless charm of Paris. Using beautifully curated décor, contemporary European artwork, as well as carefully chosen antiques and objets d’art, Lorraine is spectacular without being too intimidating to either residents or guests. Indeed, for all of its gilded interiors, it is a development that feels warm and welcoming to anyone who comes in. After all, as Valdez himself puts it, “My secret to any space is to design it for the people who will occupy it. What’s the purpose of living in a space that looks amazing, but does not serve the purpose of the owners?”

That said, “home” can be any one from a total of 191 units, ranging from two- to three-bedroom units available. A low-density development, there are only six units per floor and just two at the penthouse — a great way to ensure the safety, security, and privacy of residents. With floor areas ranging from a comfortable 97 sqm. to a truly spacious 207 sqm., every unit gives residents the ability to live, work, entertain, and grow.

Lorraine is the fourth tower of the Proscenium, offering a home where residents can enjoy the best life has to offer.

Lorraine Tower also offers a wide array of options for recreation and entertainment. Residents also have access to all of the Proscenium’s exquisite amenities which range from the relaxing pools, bike paths, and gardens of the amenity deck; a fully-functional gym; a business center; and a well-appointed function room that is considered the largest within the development. Likewise, Lorraine stands close to the 776-seater Performing Arts Theater and is just a short walk away from the elegant retail area.

For nearly 25 years, Rockwell Land has prided itself on creating and delivering communities where innovation, tradition, style, functionality, and comfort all come together into a pleasing whole. Comparatively, Lorraine is the most feminine and sophisticated among the five towers of the Proscenium. With its light and airy design, Lorraine at the Proscenium, continues to uphold Rockwell’s commitment to welcome its growing clientele into places that they can truly call home.

Despite its gilded interiors, Lorraine feels warm and welcoming to anyone that comes in.

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