Resilient Communities Thriving in the New Normal

A different kind of community spirit is emerging in this era of the “new normal.”

Despite the challenges faced during the pandemic and the changes it brought about in one’s lifestyle, communities still found incredibly ingenious ways to adapt, to foster even greater warmth and social camaraderie and to nurture healthy relations despite the social distancing measures that were imposed.

Some communities, however, were fortunate enough to have been “enabled” by their Property Management Offices (PMOs), which worked tirelessly throughout the quarantine to help residents better deal with their transition to the new normal, helping provide a semblance of normalcy in the residents’ daily routines.

The Rockwell Center community in Makati, for instance, clearly stood out during this quarantine. Beyond building premium residences, Rockwell Land has more importantly provided necessary services that have kept residents safe, comfortable and protected. These are now helping ensure that the residents will continue creating new experiences amid this ongoing transition while rediscovering the joys of living within a safe, secure environment.

Thanks to the PMOs’ prompt responses, Rockwell Center remained a thriving community that is able to continue delivering that promised security and lifestyle beyond the ordinary amid this unprecedented crisis—from its residences and even to the Power Plant Mall. Never has the PMOs’ role been as crucial and significant than today for rebuilding communities and enabling residents to remain hopeful while the country faces COVID-19.

Immediate measures

An example of these measures included periodic rapid testing for all Rockwell employees, tenant staff and service providers, on top of its new standard health and safety protocols. This test was meant to be a preventive measure to identify any possible asymptomatic carriers and to help prevent the disease from spreading.

Also offered was “Rockwell In & Out,” a quick drive-by pick-up service at the Power Plant Mall, where customers may skip the in-mall queues and simply drive by for their phone-in orders or online purchases.

Rockwell further assures safe dining and easy booking in the restaurants that have since opened following the easing of the community quarantine in the metro. As Rockwell restaurants welcomed customers back starting June 16, health and safety precautions were strictly implemented in all restaurants to ensure a safe dining experience. For example, customers must fill out and submit a health declaration form prior to entry. Clear protective barriers were placed between tables while customers in the same table must be seated diagonally and one meter apart.

Enhanced services

Considering the utmost care given to mall goers, there is no doubt that residents of Rockwell Center are now enjoying an even more enhanced brand of relentless service that ensures their safety, health and well-being.

Take the case of the Proscenium, a five-tower enclave that stands on the 3.6-ha site of a former manufacturing facility. The latest to be completed within Rockwell Center, four of the Proscenium’s five towers—namely the Kirov, Sakura, Lincoln and Lorraine—now have residents who have already seen first hand the distinction of living in this community. And for sure, even the next generation of Rockwell residents that will soon live in the fifth tower, The Proscenium Residences, will get to revel in the vibrance of this community and experience the same unwavering commitment as well.

Beyond offering spacious cuts, Proscenium further makes good of its promise of providing a safe space of serenity and leisure for the Rockwell resident given its hectare-expanse of amenities that include gyms, swimming pools, outdoor courts, game rooms, jogging path and gardens that could help ensure one’s health and well-being. Add to that Proscenium’s proximity to the offices and lifestyle hubs and the staunch support of the PMO, which has been crucial in helping ensure that seamless transition to the new normal.

Toni Sison, AVP for Rockwell Property Management Corp. (RPMC), explained that although Rockwell already implements stringent safety protocols, they had to further enhance these as soon as they learned more about the virus. For example, they had to deploy additional UV light filters and automatic diffuser machines for disinfection in all elevators.

Two-pronged response

“The response was two-pronged: the implementation of safety protocols and the timely and transparent communication to residents. On the safety protocols, we regulated people mobility within our buildings and implemented various adjustments in our systems and equipment to minimize the risk of virus transmission,” Sison said.

Other protocols included wearing of masks, social distancing, temperature checks and frequent disinfection of common area surfaces including door handles and elevator buttons, supported by informative safety signages strategically located in high traffic areas.

Also part of their safety measures, according to Sison, were the regular conduct of contact tracing on probable and confirmed cases and close coordination with health authorities. Rockwell likewise housed its employees and service partners within the building premises to ensure the delivery of uninterrupted services to residents for the duration of the community quarantine. This resulted in limiting exposure and reducing risk of transmission.

“The safety, health and communication protocols were simultaneously implemented across all Rockwell-managed properties and will be sustained and heightened. We are committed to keep ourselves abreast of the pandemic and will continue to carry out the required adjustments to adapt to the changing situation. The welfare of our community will remain to be our priority,” Sison further explained.

Indeed, the pandemic may have upended everyone’s lives. But on the same note, our new normal is also giving residents in Rockwell Center a chance to reset, to rediscover the joys of the community, while still enjoying the high life with the distinct safety and convenience offered by Rockwell.

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Written by: Amy R. Remo @amyremoINQ