Tatler Talks Recap: How The Rockwell Community Fosters A Sense Of Belonging

Nicole Anderson along with guests Josh Boutwood, Cyndi Fernandez, Nicole Whisenhunt and Anne Gauthier Das Neves discuss their shared experience of Rockwell’s warm and friendly community!

In this episode of Tatler Talkswe had the opportunity to discover more about the Rockwell community from the perspectives of chef Josh Boutwood of Test Kitchen, interior designer and co-founder of Moss Manila Cyndi Fernandez, acclaimed jewellery designer Nicole Whisenhunt and the gorgeous corporate coach, theatre actor and host, Anne Gauthier Das Neves. Hosted by Nicole Andersson, the guests revealed how this luxe community fosters a strong sense of belonging and security—traits that are of the utmost importance today.

Anne describes living in Rockwell as something comforting. She said, “It is kind of like a small-town community feel [but located] in a big city; so you really get the best of both worlds in many ways”. Nicole agreed, sharing how people seem to know everyone’s name as most of them grew up in the community.

“I rest my head in Rockwell… I wake up and I go to work in Rockwell,” said Josh. His restaurant can be found within the vicinity which is only a few minutes away from his home.

He also shared how Rockwell has adapted and helped restauranteurs like himself during the pandemic. The chef related, “Rockwell has done a phenomenal job of making us restauranteurs more comfortable in the pandemic in terms of opening up the streets for additional dining areas, you know, a lot of people want to eat outside nowadays… I have nothing but applause for the whole tenant team for Rockwell”.

Nicole, who’s also a tenant at the mall, expressed her appreciation for Rockwell’s support as well. She shared how Rockwell would keep in touch with the clients to help out businesses like hers expand their reach during these challenging times.

Apart from restaurants and cafes, guests and residents will also find a myriad of establishments in the area to meet everyone’s needs including the home residents.

Anne, who resides at the Proscenium, shared her excitement about the various amenities for outdoor activities like a pool for both adults and kids, a gym, a tennis court to name a few. She said, “It’s fantastic—I just go downstairs and everything’s there!”

Cyndi, who has also worked on units at Proscenium, shared how Rockwell units are designed so well that new residents won’t have to upgrade nor rebuild the space. “I remember the last unit I did an ocular with… I was just silent,” She said enthusiastically. “There was nothing bad to say. I noticed how good the finishes were—from the countertops because they use natural stones, the kind of flooring which has the perfect tone, to the [inclusion] of engineered wood—they use very good brands”.

She also admires how there are various unit layouts that match each resident’s lifestyle and taste. “They give such good space allocations,” she added. In fact, anyone can move in without worrying about renovations and the like.

The residents can also depend on the admins of each building, especially during these precarious times. Security guards are dependable as well, making residents feel safe. Nicole recalled how she would walk her dog in the middle of the night and not have a tinge of concern as she sees security guards frequently roaming the area. Anne also mentioned how approachable they are.

The neighbours are also very welcoming and pleasant to have around. During the lockdown, Viber groups were formed where different communities were able to thrive and stay connected while they were at the comforts of their home. “There’s a community for everyone [and] a lifestyle that fits everyone’s needs,” Anne imparted.

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